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Tuition and Fee Table (2011-2012)

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Business Cards ($20 for 250 cards plus shipping) 1. Go to and Log In on the upper right hand corner. 2. Use the email address: kccd and password: kccd. … Continue reading

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General Colin Powell @ AU The Kennedy Political Union is proud to present General Colin Powell in on April 6th, 2011 at 8:15PM in Bender Arena. General Colin L. Powell, … Continue reading

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2011 NIH CSSA & American University CSSA 新年联欢会

虎啸声中兔年将至,异乡游子们每每怀乡。至此除旧迎新之际,NIH和位于DC的American University两处学生学者联谊会将联合举办2011春节联欢晚会。本此晚会将融互动性与娱乐性于一体,晚会不仅将有 1)精彩表演节目; 2)现场有奖游戏; 3)包饺子和煮饺子; 4)此外,我们还将供应从附近中餐馆订购的中餐。 我们热切欢迎广大新老朋友同我们一起联欢。让我们吃饺子看节目过大年,2011春节相约不见不散! 时间:二月五日(大年初三),周六下午5点至9点 地点:Frost, Robert Middle School, 9201 Scott Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 入场费:网上注册5元,现场注册10元 网上注册:

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