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Business Cards ($20 for 250 cards plus shipping)
1. Go to and Log In on the upper right hand corner.
2. Use the email address: kccd and password: kccd.

3. Under “Welcome back, Kogod!” click on “My Portfolio”
4. In the “Name” Column, find the template called Kogod 2010-2011. (If needed, use the SEARCH feature on the right. Enter: Kogod 2010-2011. Do NOT use any other template).

5. In the Action column, click on Save A Copy.
6. The script will prompt you to name the card you will create. Please enter your Last Name, First Name in the Prompt Text Box to save.
7. Once you’ve saved the card, it will appear in the list of templates. Find your name and then click on Edit in the Action column.

8. Type in your information in the contact fields on the left, or directly into the text boxes on the card. DO NOT CHANGE THE FONT.

Download the original PDF file here.


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