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在美国如何办理非驾照(Non-Driver ID)身份证明

在美国,驾照具有和国内身份证类似的功能,是一种身份证明,某些情况下可以代替护照在美国使用,如果不会开车,没有驾照,也可以申请Non-Driver Identification Card,非驾照身份证明,办理地点也是在DMV. 办理这种临时ID,需要携带以下材料到DMV办理.(注意,以下说明都是针对非美国居民,Non-US Citizen)


1. 身份证明(护照,I-94,I-20)
For non-US citizens, you must have at least six (6) months duration of stay in the US reflected on your INS issued document (i.e., Passport, Visa, etc) or possess an INS Notice of Action letter reflecting application for extension of duration of stay and/or visa status is being processed.

2. SSN(如果没有,可以让学校的ISS办公室开具学生证明,参考下文附件 )
Note: Non-US citizens are required to provide proof of their Social Security Number (SSN) or obtain a letter from the Social Security Administration indicating they are not allowed or eligible to obtain a SSN.

3. 居住证明(水电煤气的账单,租房合同等)


1. 填写申请表格
2. 递交材料
3. 缴纳申请费

Obtain a DC Non-Driver Identification Card

DMV issues DC Non-Driver identification cards to District residents who are at least 15 years of age and do not hold a valid driver’s license in DC or another state or country. A DC identification card is valid for up to eight years for US citizens and may vary for non-US citizens (according to the US immigration expiration date). Certain DC residents are eligible for a free non-driver identification card.

Non-US Citizens must obtain their Non-Driver Identification Card at our Georgetown service center.
Georgetown Service Center
(202) 737-4404
Georgetown Park Mall- Lower Level
3222 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Tuesday – Saturday
8:15am – 4pm
Knowledge Exams
8:15am – 3pm


You are at least 15 years of age.
You are a resident of DC.
You can provide the following documents:
– Proof of Identity
– Proof of Social Security Number
– Proof of Current Residency
Service Locations
To obtain a DC non-driver identification card, you may visit any service location except Adjudication Services and the Inspection Station.
Complete the DC Identification Card/Voter Registration Application*
Provide the required documents
Pay the appropriate fees
Take a photograph (DC law and policy requires a full frontal digital photo that shows either the ears or up to the hairline without exposing the hair)
Obtain your DC non-driver identification card
We regret that we cannot accept photocopies or scanned documents.

NOTE: International transactions may only be handled at a designated DC DMV service location


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